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KOL CHAI makes scrubs and supplies PPE to hundreds

Kol Chai’s Community in Hatch End has started an initiative to supply essential materials to hundreds of frontline volunteers, care and health workers across Hillingdon and surrounding boroughs.

In response to the critical shortage of PPE amongst frontline workers, members of Kol Chai have found creative ways of offering practical support to those risking their health for the sake of the rest of us.

The Community has raised over £1,000 so far and enlisted dozens of volunteers in their efforts.  In just a few days, people donated sheets and fabric while others have sewn hundreds of scrubs, arm protectors and masks.

Sonia Joseph, member of Kol Chai explains:   “I was terribly worried about my husband, who is a local GP, so I felt compelled to do something to help.  Like countless others, we’ve been showing our gratitude to frontline workers by clapping on Thursdays at 8pm, but as a community, we wanted to go further”.

Jacky Martin, also a Kol Chai members adds:  “it has been heartening to see how quickly we’ve been able to turn our frustration into action.  We reached out to care homes, NHS Trusts and volunteers across Harrow and Hillingdon, enquired about their needs and then dropped off our PPE, which is made by volunteers and is reusable”.

To date, volunteers have supplied in the order of 60 sets of scrubs, 150 arm protectors and many face masks.

As part of this project, plastic Face Shields have been supplied. Rabbi Naomi Goldman, who is also Kol Chai’s leader with Harrow Citizens, said:  “We’re also proud to have joined forces with schools involved in Haringey Citizens, where students and staff have used their Design and Technology labs to produce over 1,000 NHS compliant face shields.  We are purchasing and distributing hundreds of these shields to frontline workers”.

Jo Burch, Registered General Nurse at Abbotsbury Practice in Eastcote, explains:  Boroughs in N.W. London have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.  District nurses, therapist and care workers alike are passionate about their jobs, but we deserve to feel safe.   Knowing that local communities are ready and willing to help us help others, means a lot at an unprecedented and challenging time like this”.


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