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Jewish learning programmes for women in 2017

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner has launched two learning programmes for women in 2017.

Two frameworks are offered, each costing £100 for the whole of 2017. Both assume no previous Talmudic knowledge.

The Chai (life) Shiur

This will be a monthly Talmud/leadership shiur (class) for Progressive young adults who self-identify as women on a leadership trajectory (up to age 32) with chavurah supper from 7-9pm. There are 18 (numerical value of the Hebrew letters of chai ??) spaces available – with a corresponding 18 spaces at Rabbi Laura’s dining table.

False Obstacles

A monthly shiur open for all self-identifying women of any age. Rabbi Laura will teach about obstacles that are placed in front of Jewish women in the name of halacha (Jewish law) to stop them participating in personal or public rituals/Jewish public life whether explicitly religious or communal. This includes issues such as women singing in public, wearing tallitot (prayer shawls), reading from Torah in public etc. From 7-9pm. (location to be confirmed, will include an online platform)

If you would like to participate please email and cc Sonia Leigh Places are filling fast, particularly for the Chai Shiur.

The Chai Shiur

Tuesday 21st Feb 2017
Tuesday 21st March
Monday 17th April
Wednesday 10th May
Monday 5th June
Tuesday 4th July
Tuesday 12th September
Tuesday 10th October
Tuesday 7th November
Tuesday 12th December

False Obstacles

Tuesday 7th March
Monday 3rd April
Tuesday 2nd May
Tuesday 23rd May
Tuesday 20th June
Tuesday 18th July
Tuesday 28th September
Tuesday 24th October
Tuesday 28th November
Tuesday 9th January

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