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Jeneration and RSY-Netzer on campus

Jeneration and RSY-Netzer on campusLast weekend a group of wonderful sixth formers came to explore university life in Oxford. The joint Jeneration and RSY-Netzer ‘On Campus’ event ran for the whole weekend, giving the participants enough time to explore Oxford from a Jewish, academic and generally fascinating perspective.

One sixth former said: “the weekend was so enjoyable. I now feel more confident about uni life, and would urge others to get involved in other campus events offered by Jeneration and RSY.

The participants stayed with hospitable Oxford students in their colleges and houses giving the sixth formers an insight into independent living.

From an egalitarian service on Friday, to a question and answer session with students on Saturday, the ‘On Campus’ weekend gave the sixth formers an excellent snippet of university life. There will be another ‘On Campus’ weekend coming up in this academic year. Keep a look out on the Jeneration website or add ‘Jeneration Fieldworker’ on Facebook for more information.

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