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Interfaith guests attend Seder at Newcastle Reform Synagogue

Guests at Newcastle Reform Synagogue's sederNewcastle Reform Synagogue (NRS) Chair, Linda Scott welcomed a variety of guests and members to our own ‘home produced’ Seder as Brenda Dinsdale, who catered the evening, explains.

Chair of North Tyneside, Cllr Cath Davis said how honoured she felt to be there and Shahda Kahn from the Muslim and Jewish Women’s organisation stressed how wonderful it was to have been invited to participate in the seder.

Also present was Gaye Keenaghan, one of the Kindertransport children, Father Simon McMurtary, Chaplain of Durham School, who remarked that it was a truly inclusive event and PC David Burton Community Police Officer. PC Burton commented that inviting people from different faiths had been a “brilliant idea” and he hoped that we would continue this tradition in years to come.

It was wonderful to have well over 100 people present, including a large group of children.

Ably led by Jo Edwards, our cheder leader, we were taken on a journey which involved the building of the pyramids as well as the adventure of crossing the Red Sea. Adult members of the community held up a symbolic sea of blue fabric which, thanks to the wonder of Velcro, miraculously parted, allowing the children to march successfully through. Jo had carefully planned the activities, and conducted the service with humour, as well as expertise.

Comments from those present included, “The best Seder I’ve ever attended”. “It really made the story come alive for me” and “The whole evening from start to finish was just perfect”.

We are very fortunate at NRS to have such a talented and willing group of people who serve our community.

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