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Inspiring services at EHRS to mark Mental Health Shabbat

Shirah sheBaLev rehearsalEdgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue (EHRS) launched a new service as part of Jami’s annual Mental Health Shabbat.

Entitled Shirah sheBaLev (Song of the Heart), the uplifting, creative and musical Friday night service was led by members of the community and included a focus on the synagogue’s ‘Let’s Talk’ mental health initiative, which was introduced in February 2020. It was followed by a Chavurah style ‘bring and share’ dinner.

On Shabbat morning, EHRS’ Rabbi Mark Goldsmith then led a service of healing which included prayers, inspiring texts, discussion and moving personal testimony to help the community come to terms with challenges they may be facing as we begin the new secular year.

Val Joseph, Head of Community Care at EHRS said: “Synagogue community can be safe places for anyone living with a mental health challenge as long as we talk about mental health and keep the dialogue going, bringing care for mental health into all of our activities. This is what ‘Let’s Talk’ has been about over the past four years.”

EHRS Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers added: “As a community, our hope is to not leave anyone to suffer alone. We can’t fix every problem, but we are here to walk through the darkness together, to help find the support that is needed, and to challenge the idea that this isn’t something we should bring out into the light.”

  • Picture: Shirah sheBaLev rehearsal
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