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Honouring the Dead and Standing Against Prejudice on Holocaust Memorial Day

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2021, Reform Judaism joins with our members across the country in honouring the memory of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, as well as those who died in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Rabbi Mark Goldsmith comments, “Humanity is capable of genocide. We know this from repeated experience. Whether it is thousands of Bosnian Muslims who are murdered, nearly a million Rwandan Tutsis or six million European Jews it is human beings who commit this ultimate crime. That is why it must be humanity that opposes genocide, remembers the victims and listens carefully to the survivors.  We do this so that we charge ourselves to take action when we see the possibility of another people becoming the victims of genocide, such as the Chinese Uighurs or the South Cameroon Anglophones, to name but two.

This Holocaust Memorial Day we again demonstrate that the evil humanity has done will not be erased from the human conscience, so that we can build a society conscious of its past and resolutely turned towards a future of justice, love and peace.”

We invite our members to attend their local community events to mark today, or the official UK Holocaust Memorial Day service. This will be a fully digital ceremony available online for anyone to watch from 7-8PM on the 27th January.

We also invite our members to safely place a candle publicly in their windows as part of the Light the Darkness campaign.

Our members can find out more about the plight of the Chinese Uighurs and take action by visiting the René Cassin website.

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