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‘Haggadateinu’ – order your Reform Haggadah now

Haggadateinu’ – ‘Our Haggadah’, the text which sets out the order of the Passover seder, features an attractive, user-friendly layout including transliterated Hebrew. It embodies core Reform values and provides an engaging, enjoyable seder for anyone who uses it.

The latest reprint also features an enclosed ring-binding, meaning it looks attractive on your bookshelf whilst being easy to use at the seder table.

It includes beautiful illustrations by Hertfordshire-based folk artist Suzy Taylor whose papercuts are meticulously cut with a blade from a single piece of paper.

For bulk orders over 20 and for synagogue orders, please contact Marcia Singer: 020 8349 5642


Orders over 70 and above: £6.50 per copy
Orders over 20 under 70: £7.50 per copy
Orders under 20 (synagogues only): £8.50 per copy

For individual orders of under 20 copies, please order via John Trotter at Manor House Books

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