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Edgware and District Reform have produced an impressive Shavuot Youth Service, which is followed by an ever popular ice cream Kiddush! Edgwareís Director of Education, Marian Cohen, writes: ìI break the service up with four different activities such as this dirt cake which the kids love or we make a Tanach cake (participants to figure out the recipe for this cake with clues from Tanach). This year I am getting the participants to decorate a Mount Sinai cake in teams; also they are going to have an obstacle course to overcome in order to find the 7 species and a treasure hunt to find the 10 commandments and blind tasting of the 7 species. I run the service with our Director of Youth. We create a tent that we hold the service in and the feedback is usually very positive. We all have an ice cream and cheese cake Kiddush at the end of the main service which I prepare with the children from my service.


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