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Shabbat is the jewel in our week. Shabbat brings heaven and earth closer. Shabbat nourishes each one of us, and we can also deepen our relationships by being together in our homes and communities in peaceful and joyful encounter. Shabbat is the day in which we limit our outer activities so we can refresh our inner lives. Shabbat – 25 hours of reflection, of sacred moments, of joy and contemplation – is one of Judaism’s greatest gifts to the world.

As the 12th century medieval poet Yehuda HaLevi wrote in the song Yom Shabbaton:

“The day of rest should not be forgotten;
Its memory is like a fragrant aroma.
On it the dove finds rest
There shall rest exhausted ones.”

As Reform Jews, we celebrate Shabbat in different ways that are meaningful to us, to our community and the people around us.

Reform Judaism Shabbat

Reform Judaism ShabbatReform Judaism Shabbat joins Jews around the UK to celebrate Shabbat. Matching our values, Reform Judaism Shabbat is inclusive and open to everybody who wants to participate.

It is traditional to help others on a Friday so that they might have more a peaceful Shabbat. We can prepare for Shabbat by acts of tikkun, social action for others, that in turn, enable us to enter Shabbat in a better way for ourselves.

Below you can download some educational resource packs which you can use to enhance your experience of Shabbat.

Reform Judaism Shabbat Toolkit

Reform Judaism Shabbat Postcards

Shabbat at home

Shabbat Learning

Family Quiz

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