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  Purim in 500 words

The story of Purim in 500 words. You could cut the paragraphs up and see who can get the story back into the right order!

  History and struggles with Purim

Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild reflects here on her struggles with the celebration of Purim, and its history.

  Art as midrash

Every translation is an interpretation, and every artist brings us their personal take on a character or event. What can we learn about the characters of the Purim story from their depiction in art, and what are our own readings?

  Rhyming Maíariv service for Purim

To add to the joy and simchah of Purim, Rabbi Paul Freedman has produced a brilliant and hilarious Maíariv in rhyming couplets!


The Shabbat before Purim we read the biblical story of Amalek, from whom Haman is said to be descended. Here Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers offers some texts to help us struggle with the idea that Amalek should be utterly destroyed from memory, and yet we keep reading the story. This blog piece supports the sources and may help any teacher understand the train of thought behind the session.

  Purim play

A play by Sherry Ashworth which was written for Purim at Manchester Reform Synagogue.

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