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“Exodopoly” from Eleanor Davis of Edgware & District Reform Synagogue has created this game.

An explanation of the Exodopoly files:

The “Exodopoly” jpg is the whole board to get printed up nice and large; in more DIY-style, I used the “Exodopoly” pdf, printed each page on A3, and spent time cutting, assembling, and covering in sticky-backed plastic. Both methods work! As a group of adults we just used Exodopoly for tracking progress through the haggadah and to supply extra readings/alternative translations/conversation starters over the meal, but Iím sure anyone who wanted to could find a way to play the game with children (mini-matzot as currency?)

“Exodopoly cards” and “Exodopoly tr & question cards” are my suggestions for using with adults – the Template file is there for anyone to put together something appropriate for children or their own group. (Making your own ëtr & questioní cards is much simpler and shouldnít need a template!) The cards are designed to print four to a page then cut up (for ease of printing on A4). I printed the plain cards on white, and the tr & question cards (print these ones double-sided, so you have the books symbol or question mark on the back of each – I also folded them into three to pile up in the allocated spaces on the board) on coloured.

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