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Date(s) - 15/03/2024 - 17/03/2024
All Day


Click here for a sneak preview of the programming

Join us for Shirei meets Chagigah – the all singing, all learning Movement for Reform Judaism weekend away – taking place at a gorgeous hotel and conference centre in Daventry from 14 or 15 to 17 March 2024. It combines two of our flagship events – Chagigah and Shirei Chagigah.

Chagigah means festival and has a wonderfully joyous atmosphere. It is all about doing Progressive Judaism your way – whether that is engaging in learning and discussions, delving into our new Machzor or simply spending time with old and new friends. The choice is up you.

If you’re not sure what Chagigah is all about you can watch this short film from 2014 – a fantastic insight into what goes on and what YOU can be part of!

Shirei Chagigah has a musical emphasis, including plenty of singing and, for this year’s event, two wonderful teachers from overseas Cantor Ellen Dreskin and Cantor Leigh Korn. You can read more about them here.

Your ticket includes a hotel room, all meals, the full programme and the option to switch between Chagigah and Shirei Chagigah, and all the tracks within both, as you wish.

Shirei Chagigah videos

If you’re not sure what to expect here are some videos to give you a flavour of how Shirei Chagigah has evolved over the years:

2015: Shirei Chagigah: a celebration of music and prayer incorporating the MRJ Choir Festival – YouTube

2011: The Music Conference 2011 (


When does Chagigah start and what does it include?

Chagigah runs from 5pm on Friday 15 March to 2.30pm on Sunday 17 March. It has multiple tracks covering all aspects of Reform and Progressive Judaism, including beit midrash (study sessions), guest speakers, leadership training and a look at our future as one united Progressive Judaism.

We are also very proud to be able to devote one of our tracks to looking at the new Movement for Reform Judaism Machzor, which is set for its first use in 2024.

When does Shirei Chagigah start and what does it include?

Because we are bringing teachers from overseas, and so we want to make the most of it, Shirei Chagigah will start on Thursday 14 March and finish at 2.30pm on Sunday 17 March with the choice of two musical tracks.

We completely understand that some people can’t take Thursday and Friday off work so this year we have created options. You can join us from Thursday afternoon, Friday morning or Friday night.

We will create wonderful experiences for you no matter how long you can be with us.

Can I switch between?

Of course! You can switch between tracks and sessions, no matter whether they fall under Shirei Chagigah or Chagigah. This is all about you and what you want to do!

Shirei meets Chagigah

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely – we hope that you do!

RSY-Netzer will be running a full weekend of youth activities for ages 5+. Or, if you prefer your child to remain with you and join in with sessions that is absolutely fine too… this is your weekend.

Unfortunately, our insurance will not allow us to organise an evening babysitting service.

If we have a minimum of six children under the age of five, we will happily organise a creche, just tick the box when you register. If we don’t make those numbers  many of the sessions will be suitable for 0-4s to be with you in.

• Your children are your responsibility at all times, unless signed into an RSY session or the creche.

Can I get help with the cost?

The Movement for Reform Judaism believes that all members of our communities should be able to take part in events without cost being a barrier. We have done all we can to keep the price for Shirei meets Chagigah as low as possible and completely understand that you may need additional support.

If you would like financial support to come, then we ask that you first speak to your community and then come to us so we can try and make up the difference for you. Call Sarita for a completely confidential chat on 020 8349 5716

Can you help me to book my place?

Yes. Our team will be happy to help with your booking. Just call us on 020 8349 5716 and let us help you.

If you have tried to book and didn’t get an immediate automated response (check your junk mail) then your booking hasn’t worked. We’re not sure why but call us and let us help you.

I have another question, can you help answer it?

Certainly. Please call Sarita, 020 8349 5716 or email

We cannot wait to see you in real life, spend some time with friends and be together. Until March!


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