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Date(s) - 05/11/2021 - 07/11/2021
4:00 pm - 2:00 pm


What is it?

Northern Chagigah is where all of our northern communities meet together for a weekend of relaxation, learning, praying and fun. We have exclusive use of a gorgeous conference centre with extensive grounds.
Everyone comes for different reasons – to be spiritually recharged, to enjoy a Shabbat away from everyday routine, to be delighted that the children are being looked after and Jewishly engaged by RSY-Netzer.
Northern Chagigah is all about what YOU want. Whether it’s to be up at the crack of dawn leading a run around the grounds, tackling Talmud, having a good sing in a Shabbat service or enjoying a lie in and joining for lunch, it’s completely up to you.

The practical info… 

This is a simply gorgeous fantastic conference venue that we have exclusive use of, there is, of course, a downside which we feel is worth it. There are double and twin rooms but no family rooms. If you have one child they will be on an air mattress in your room and if you have two children you will be given two rooms next to each other, and an adult should sleep in each room with the children.


RSY-Netzer will be running a full weekend of activities for ages 5+, if you prefer your child to remain with you and join in with sessions that is absolutely fine – this is your weekend.

We cannot organise an evening babysitting service    Your children are your responsibility at all times, unless signed into an RSY session.


There is a single occupancy charge but Reform Judaism have absorbed most of the cost because we don’t think it’s fair.

We absolutely believe that all Reform members should be able to join all MRJ events and cost should NEVER be a barrier. If you would like help in coming we ask that you first speak to your community and then come to us so we can make up the difference for you to come. Call Sarita for a completely confidential chat and NO PAPERWORK  – 020 8349 5716

If you would like to pay in instalments or invoice your community (with their permission!) select the ‘invoice’ button when you book.


We have a social responsibility to each other and want everyone who can come to feel comfortable and have decided upon quite a strict Covid policy for the weekend.

  • We require proof of vaccine or medical exemption for every participant aged 18+
  • Whilst everyone to do a lateral flow test on Tuesday 2nd November and on Friday 5th, prior to leaving home.
  • Whilst primary school aged children are not required to do Lateral Flow Tests, we would very much appreciate it if they could do so, for everyone’s safety.
  • We will be encouraging regular hand washing and sanitising.
  • We request mask-wearing when walking in corridors, in services and when singing.
  • We will have more windows open than one may normally have in November, so dress accordingly.
  • We will use rooms large r than we need to for sessions



If we have to cancel because of Covid we will rearrange the date and if you can’t make it you will get a refund. If you test positive so legally can’t come at the last minute you and your household will also get a refund.

Booking help

If you don’t get an immediate automated response (check your junk mail) your booking hasn’t worked, we’re not sure why but call us and let us help you, 020 8349 5716


Call Sarita, 020 8349 5716 or email

We cannot wait to see you in real life, spend some time with friends and most importantly be in the same physical space.

Until November 2021!

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