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An evening of RSY-Netzer nostalgia

RSY-Netzer Alumni KEF was an event which brought RSY-Netzer back to life for both recent and (a little less) recent RSY-Netzer alumni.

The alumni came back to the Sternberg Centre, entering into an evening of summer camp nostalgia.

From chanting for their food to saving Alyson Joseph from being sucked into her computer screen by the evil Gangashlat virus, there was something nostalgic at every point in the evening and photos of RSY-Netzer events around the room brought back memories.

Kim Coplee said that it “was lovely to be reminded of how great my days in the movement were”. “A perfectly pitched nostalgia event” added Ilana Jackman-Overlander.

Reform Judaism Board member, Jonni Berger said: “We all certainly thought it was great fun, and there seemed to be so much love and support in the room”.

Save the date for more nostalgia! Our Reform Youth 70th Anniversary Celebration will take place on Sunday 24 September 2017.

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