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Eits Chinuch: a weekly helping of Jewish learning and educational resources

Have you discovered Eits Chinuch yet? It’s a weekly e-newsletter from Reform Judaism that delivers a little slice of Torah into your inbox.

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Eits Chinuch, Reform Judaism's Jewish learning newsletter.Firmly rooted in Torah, this ‘tree of education’ (the meaning of Eits Chinuch) branches out to explore creative ways of thinking about what’s in the weekly Torah portion, in the calendar and in the world of education. The main body of each email is a treasure trove of links to help you explore specific ideas further, collected with joyful curiosity about Torah and about the world. Recent editions have included: where halachah and modern inheritance law collide, golden eagles, the Battle of Cable Street on film, musical settings of Yom Kippur liturgy, surrogate mothers in India, and a blog about Torah cocktails (of the alcoholic variety).

If you’re a rabbi, you might find unusual ideas for sermons or shiurim; if you’re an educator, you might also appreciate links to prepared resources and news of job vacancies or training. If you’re simply interested in Jewish learning, you should find something each week to pique your curiosity, to deepen your understanding or to broaden your horizons. For those in small or remote communities, Eits Chinuch can be a connection to the wider Reform community, as well as enabling anyone to enrich your community’s relationship with Torah and learning.

Each week you’ll also find a short personal reflection and links to the accessible ‘new’ JPS translations of the official Torah and Haftarah readings, according to the calendar prepared by the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK. As the second option for the Torah readings also provides links to the more literal ‘old’ JPS translation and the Hebrew text, whatever your preferred version you can read the parashah even without a chumash to hand.

To let Eits Chinuch help you ‘make the words of Your Torah sweet in our mouths’ (as the blessing after study requests) all you need is a reasonable internet connection. If you’d like to take a look at recent editions to taste the flavour for yourself you can browse the Eits Chinuch archive. To subscribe, please go to the Eits Chinuch subscription page  and enter your name and email address. We’d love you to join us!

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