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EHRS joins with Faiths Forum for London to host inaugural Iftar

Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers leads EHRS Iftar eventEdgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue (EHRS) joined with Faiths Forum for London to host their first Iftar – which saw 100 people from local Jewish and Muslim communities come together to eat, learn, pray and listen to one another.

The meal was prepared and served by a dedicated team of volunteers, and guests came from local friendships, dialogue groups, mosques and further afield. One Muslim participant, who saw the event mentioned in a newspaper article, decided to attend even though it meant a 50-mile round trip.

Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers of EHRS (pictured above at the event) was part of the organising team. She said: “We were worried that no one would want to come at such a painful and difficult time, so it was humbling to see the willingness from both communities to find common ground, and be really present and open to each other.

“Many of our interfaith friendships have been tested over the last few months. We hope this is the beginning of more dialogue, engagement and friendship to come.”

Other Progressive communities to host Ramadan fast-breaking events this year have included Alyth, Birmingham Progressive, Finchley Progressive and Oaks Lane Reform Synagogues.

Speaking about the EHRS Iftar, a Muslim guest commented: “I really enjoyed every moment of it. It was so well organised, and a sense of warmth and togetherness was deeply felt by all. A truly memorable event. Thank you so much.”

A member of the EHRS Council added: “I found it a joyous and moving event… shining humanity in dark times. It was an emotional experience watching our cousins pray, and they found looking at our Torah scrolls, and the shared prophets and stories within a profound moment too. If we could only replicate this several billion times, we’d have world peace!”

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