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Being together for this weekend gives us a unique opportunity to share expertise and establish an educational vision for your community. In collaboration with Leo Baeck College we will focus on demographics, becoming communities of learners, and thinking beyond the ordinary conversations. How are others innovating? How are communities facing the challenges you are encountering? What would young-people’s learning look like if we did away with Cheder and started again? How might we have the biggest impact? How do we offer a lifetime’s journey of learning? What developments have been made in the teaching of Hebrew for all ages? Nowhere else do we have the time and space to come together to think about these important issues, and we hope to return home with new ideas, resources, passion, and a network of support as we move forward!

‘Throwing Cheder out the window’
A panel of our communities will share how they have responded to demographic challenges, to the impact of Jewish Day School’s and to the realities of 21st century learning. We will hear what worked, and what didn’t, from moving cheder to Saturdays, once a month classes, working cross denominationally and offering child led learning outside of year groups. Come and share your challenges, your successes, and learn about how others do things too.

‘Getting people involved’ with Charlotte Fisher
How can we harness the tools of community organising to ensure we offer learning and events that people want to get involved with and rock up to? Charlotte will offer a taster of what Citizens UK training can offer us to create communities that put people before programming, and encourage us to become lifelong learners.

‘Planning ahead’ with Keith Kahn Harris
Looking at community demographics and JPR research, what does it seem the next 10-15 years have in store for us? How can we plan for these realities and what they will mean in our educational settings?

‘The missing generation’ Chaired by Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner, with RSY Netzer movement workers
The joke goes that in order to clear the mice from her synagogue, the Rabbi gave them all Bnei Mitzvah and they vanished. We will explore the challenges of re-engaging teens and Young Adults, the role RSY Netzer can play, and what we can learn from Youth workers outside the Jewish community. Please come and share your challenges and your successes!

Who should be on the team?: We would love to be having these central conversations with Heads, Education Directors, Chairs, lay reps for education, teachers, parents and everyone concerned with achieving the most in our communities educational journey. This is not just for educators but everyone wanting to create an exciting, dynamic community that learns together.

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