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  RSY-Netzer Pesach resource

This resource has been put together by RSY-Netzer.


“Exodopoly” from Eleanor Davis of Edgware & District Reform Synagogue has created this game.

  A new ritual: a cup of Serach

If you are looking for something new to add to your seder this year, the Cos Serach (cup of Serach) is a reminder of the importance of storytelling and hearing everyoneís voices. Why not paint plain glasses with glass paint to make your own Cos Eliyahu, Miriam and Serach, or paint personalised shot glasses for your guests to enjoy their four cups in!

  Alternatives and additions for your seder

If you are looking for the real story behind the orange on the seder plate, or want some items of interest to spark discussion at your seder, here is a collection of new-symbols and ideas, these are changing and growing all the time so let us know what you have added!

  The plate and the table: what and why

The seder plate and table contain symbols so rich we are always learning a new! Here we unpack as many as we could! And we try to unpack the ërightí way to organise the seder plate!

  Pesach in the Bible

What do we know about Pesach from the Bible? Can you (or your students) deduce what the differences might be, and how we calculate what we do when?

  The great hummus debate

Sephardi versus Ashkenazi, why do some people eat rice, and others wonít go near a green bean?

  Rejoicing in the downfall of your enemy

How comfortable would you feel if an Egyptian was sitting at your seder? Rabbi Paul Freedman at Radlett and Bushey Reform has compiled this study session to help us explore how we engage with the downfall of our enemies, whether ancient Egyptians or Osama Bin Laden.

  The FRS Maggid

The Maggid (or story telling section of the seder) can be long and hard to retain focus on. FRS asked members to share their own experience or commentary on wandering, oppression, and other Maggid themes, to weave a tapestry of new stories and layers of understanding. You could do the same, or use these voices to enhance your seder experience. Names have been removed.

  FRS rhyming Maggid

One way to refresh your Maggid – offer it in rhyming couplets and song! Finchley Reform have done the hard work for you!
‘Bring the theme of freedom to life by adding these voices to your Seder or to a classroom discussion about freedom’.

  Second night seder?

Rabbi Paul Freedman and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner have written this responsum – a rabbinic response – to the question of holding a second night seder in the Reform tradition.

  Exodus drama

This could be a useful classroom activity, or a way to spice up a communal seder. Finchley Reform used this to bring drama and personal engagement to their communal seder in 2013, asking people to prepare their parts beforehand (there were several Israelites so lots of people can get involved) and those who prepared were able to be interviews and help bring the exodus story to life for everyone.

  Who knows

Who Knows up to 13 different things. Rather than just singing get your table/s involved ñ works brilliantly at a communal seder or at home, give participants one of the sheets to hold up at their part in the song ñ the Who Knows holder will need to be fit as they will be jumping up and down!

  7th day Pesach – crossing the Red Sea

A text study exploring the crossing of the Reed Sea and our freedom won at the expense of Egyptian deaths

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