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Reform Judaism is committed to being an inclusive and supportive community and to promoting mental well-being for all. 


Through our work we hope to promote our aims: 

  • Education: Encouraging a culture of knowledge and acceptance of mental health and wellbeing-related issues; challenging stigma 
  • Inclusivity: Supporting our communities to be accessible and welcoming; valuing the uniqueness of each person and what they bring to the community 
  •  Signposting: Providing up-to-date information on accessing both professional support and alternative pathways to mental health improvement 
  •  Judaism: Contextualising our work within Reform Jewish teaching, values and the needs of our communities 


A photograph of attendees at one of our training sessions
A photograph of attendees at our clergy training session

What do we do? 

Annual Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, bringing together top educators from charitable providers in the Jewish community and beyond, politics, the media, campaigners and Rabbis as well as the skills and knowledge of our own community members. 

Newsletter and networking meetings for members coordinating and delivering care and wellbeing support within their communities, offering high-level professional education and a chance to network and share best practice between communities including  sharing resources, news and information to community members. 

Safeguarding training and e-learning for communities, as well as access to shared resources for improving practice.  We run regular safeguarding training sessions – click here to find out when the next sessions will be. If your community needs L2 Training in Safeguarding Children and Young People and/or Adults, we offer free access to accredited e-learning via Educare – please email with full name, email address and permission to share their details. 

Yammer group to connect members so you can share ideas and resources, ask questions and work together.

How can I get involved? 

For further details please contact us on or join our Yammer group by clicking here and selecting ‘Communities that Care’ group.  

Comprehensive information about support services can be found in our Wellbeing Directory 

Upcoming events 

Please click the link to see all upcoming Honeycomb Events

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