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Chanukah Appeal 2016

Help bring someone out of the darkness and into the light this Chanukah

As Chanukah approaches, we ask you to help those members of our communities who are isolated at a time when many of us are celebrating. At Chanukah, the mitzvah is to place our chanukiyot by our windows to proclaim the miracle. For some, this is a symbol of happiness and celebration, for others, this exacerbates feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Within our communities, around a quarter of our members are over the age of seventy and many live alone. Lack of mobility and access to transport make it increasingly hard for vulnerable individuals to fully participate in community life. Reform Judaism, working with our synagogues, has launched the Communities That Care Initiative: Tackling Loneliness and Isolation to provide the means to combat this issue.

“Communities working together can have a much greater impact in getting people out of their homes and physically into the heart of their communities “

 Rabbi Miriam Berger, Finchley Reform Synagogue

Whether you have donated before or would like to make your first gift at this time, we would be very grateful if you could please support us. In helping to fund this initiative you are impacting not only on these individuals but their families and our wider community. With a donation today, Reform Judaism could:

  • Tackle issues of mobility and transportation to our communities
  • Liaise with professionals currently working in the field of adult welfare within the community so we can provide and share best practice
  • Provide advice on safeguarding of vulnerable individuals
  • Encourage communities to have policies in place to engage with vulnerable individuals

As a movement we are so proud of the achievements of our synagogues. We are honoured to be able to support them in the wonderful work that that they do.

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