Chagigah 2018 Save the date – DATE CHANGE

Chagigah is our biennial celebration of Reform Judaism. Chagigah means just that: a celebration. It reflects the special atmosphere we will create over a weekend away, celebrating Reform Judaism and being part of something bigger. The next Chagigah will take place in 2018 over the weekend of 22-24 June.

We look forward to welcoming you as one big Community for Chagigah 2018, 22-24 June at Eastwood Hall near Nottingham.

Last Chagigah we launched our Re-imagining Leadership Initiative through which over 150 leaders have been trained. Our Communities that Care initiative has been directly responsible for raising awareness to the issues of loneliness and isolation and creating care teams in at least 2 of our communities.

This year as well as continuing the development of those initiatives we have listened to, and worked with, our communities to launch our newest Initiative: Financial Sustainability.

The Strengthening Communities initiatives are:

This initiative gives your community the opportunity to revolutionise welfare provision- for all ages and all needs.

While we carry on our work on loneliness and isolation, at Chagigah 2018 we will launch the next stage. Lay and professional welfare teams from all our communities have already started shaping the future of this initiative – Is your community part of it?

Who should be on the team?: members of care/ chesed committees, clergy and members who passionate about care in their communities.

Need help building your care team for Chagigah? Please let us know

Do you have dreams for your community that you want to come true but you feel on your own and powerless?

This initiative uses the tools of community organising to have impactful and effective change. Since its launch 150 people have been trained and 4 communities have signed a covenant to work together with us to learn these skills and use them in a way that is important to their development.

Who should be on the team?: clergy, paid staff, council members, people with hunger for change and track record of achievements, people who can network and create relationships.

Will you be the next community to join?
Need help building your leadership team for Chagigah? Please let us know

Our synagogues all rely on the same membership model.  As culture and society changes, so do our communities, one of the effects is on our financial sustainability. Is this model still fit for purpose?

This initiative will help synagogue teams discover what the other options are, what the future may look like with our current model and interrogate the world of synagogue finance which includes mission driven budgeting, alternative models for membership fees and fundraising.

We are delighted to be joined by Rabbi Lou Feldstein from the Reform Movement in the USA and an expert in synagogue finance.

Who should be on the team?: clergy, visionaries and financially savvy people

Need help building your financial sustainability team for Chagigah? Please let us know

Communities who gain the most are those who come as a team. Let’s start thinking about who that team is for YOUR community. Caring is not just the rabbi or welfare officer, leadership is not just the chair and finance is not just the treasurer. Teams could be anything from 2-6 people, but all individuals who would like to come and explore are more than welcome.

Amit, Sarita and the Initiatives’ teams are here to assist you build your teams. If you are from a small community we will twin you  so you can support each other on your learning journey.

Find answers to all your Chagigah questions here,

We can’t wait to see you there,

Sarita Robinson & Amit Handelsman
Chagigah co-chairs and Reform Judaism Community Partners

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