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Celebrate our Judaism at Shirei meets Chagigah

Chagigah group photo

Shirei meets Chagigah – which takes place from 14 or 15 to 17 March 2024 – will be a long weekend to remember. It will see two major Movement for Reform Judaism events side by side… offering something for everyone.


Shirei Chagigah will put the world to rights with music, new songs and a chance to remember the old ones. You can join in, clap your hands or just sit back and enjoy it all.

Chagigah meanwhile will be a conference with a difference this year.

The Israel-Hamas war is distressing, confusing and so hard to come to terms with. We want peace but we’re troubled by the situation and even the responsibility of it all. This weekend will allow us the space to come together, turn off the television, and talk freely. To find the words we need perhaps when talking with our non-Jewish friends for example.

If you’re a first-timer – don’t worry. You can talk through everything with a volunteer before you sign up. There’ll also be ‘chatting tables’ to take away the apprehension of any awkward introductions. And you can even buddy up with someone in advance if that will help.

Essentially, Chagigah is a chance to be yourself. To hear discussions on a variety of Jewish topics, and mix with like minded people from up and down the country.
It will be history making too. This will be the last bi-annual Reform Chagigah. In 2026 we are planning our first Progressive Chagigah when we will be joined by our Progressive partners as we work together for a brighter, cohesive Jewish future.

We’ve some videos here to give you a flavour of what you can expect, and below you can see a sneak preview of the programming.

Book here and make Shirei meets Chagigah 2024 an experience to remember.

Shirei meets Chagigah programming

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