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Simcha Day in Totnes

On Sunday 17 May, Totnes Jewish Community hosted a day of simcha (joy) and celebration, to which communities across the South West were invited. Marc Frank said: "It was a wonderful opportunity for small communities of the region to get…

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Mosaic Remembers

140 people attended a unique event on 9 May at Mosaic Synagogue in Harrow to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day – the end of the Second World War in Europe, as Trudy Segal explains. Mosaic Reform held a specially…

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Sinai’s Oy Factor

Sinai Synagogue's annual Oy! Factor, organised by youth leader Rhiannon Humphreys, was enjoyed by all. This year's talented contributors entertained the audience with a wide range of music, from 5-7 year old pupils of Sinai's Religion School singing 'Kehillah Kedosha'…

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Judaism through Cooking at Sinai

Sinai Synagogue Leeds' latest venture, 'Judaism through Cooking', set off to a delicious start with Carey Glass demonstrating how to cook blintzes and Director of Education Gwynneth Lewis teaching about Shavuot. "It was great fun", commented supercook Carey. Participant and…

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Sowing seeds at Sinai

"That was fun!" "I want to do it at home, too!" "I can’t wait to see what’s happened by next week" were some of the comments made by children at Sinai Synagogue Leeds’ Religion school when member and expert gardener…

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René Cassin at Sinai Synagogue

Sam Grant, campaigns and programmes officer of the Jewish human rights organisation René Cassin, was guest speaker at Sinai Synagogue recently. Speaking about misconceptions about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he explained its origins after World War II and…

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