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Briefing from Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing

Pictured: Matt Jukes, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing

A full Zoom room of 100 people joined a special Progressive Judaism Community Briefing with Matt Jukes, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing. The meeting – hosted by Progressive CEOs Rabbi Charley Baginsky and Rabbi Josh Levy – discussed the situation in Israel and its impact on rising antisemitism incidents.

Mr Jukes said he understood the worries and fears the Jewish community was experiencing. He wanted to encourage people to inform the Police either locally or nationally of any incidents they see, and to reassure everyone that the Police are doing all they can to address the worrying situation. In answer to members questions, he said that while the number of arrests on the streets may appear small the Police are following up reports of antisemitism seen on protest marches, episodes on the streets and posts on social media. He added that further arrests are being made.

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