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Appointment of Rabbinic Coordinator to Alliance for Progressive Judaism

The Alliance for Progressive Judaism, a partnership of Reform and Liberal Judaism, has appointed Rabbi Charley Baginsky as its part-time coordinator whose remit is to develop projects that the two movements will work on jointly to advance Progressive Judaism, its principles and ethos in the UK.

The Reform and Liberal Movements work together in a number of areas including, but not limited to, education, chaplaincy and the Leo Baeck College as well as both the European and World Unions of Progressive Judaism.

To deepen the activity of the Alliance, Rabbi Baginsky will be fostering a number of new projects, one of which will be the establishment of an Israel Desk, the focus of which will be education; engagement with our members; the coordination of Reform and Liberal messages and work with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and our many partners in Israel.
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism added, “This appointment crystallises a very strong relationship, and enables us to work together on areas of mutual interest and strength for the benefit of each of the movements and for Jews in Britain as a whole”.

Rabbi Danny Rich, Senior Rabbi and Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism, said: “The appointment of Charley Baginsky is a real move forward in the work of the Alliance and shows our commitment to this project. I am sure that with her efforts we will begin to see added benefits from what is already a productive relationship”.

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