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The Movement for Reform Judaism’s mission:

To enable the growth of  a vibrant Reform Judaism, inspiring individuals and communities with Reform Jewish values and traditions

Our Core Values

Treasuring tradition, finding holy in the new

We are blessed with millennia of Jewish wisdom, as well as a world which continues to give us new insights and understanding. Our Judaism is strongest when we value all of these sources of inspiration – building Jewish community which remains true to our history and evolves to face the future. We empower every member to find their own path to meaning through informed decision making, providing transformative education and events to support them throughout their lives.


Social justice

It is central to our duty as Jews to continue the sacred mission started at creation of perfecting the world we live in – l’tikkun olam. We heed the calls of our tradition which tell us that we all have responsibility for the wellbeing of our fellow humans and to always pursue justice. In doing this, we bring holiness into the world. Reform Judaism enables our communities to play their part as active citizens for one another, wider society and our world. We speak up for our values – ensuring they are heard inside and outside our community. Where there is persecution, we speak out, and where there is destruction, we do not remain silent.


Equality and Inclusivity

Every person is created b’tzelem elohim – in the image of God – and should have equal value in our communities and our society. We hold an uncompromising commitment to building communities which are built on egalitarianism and welcome all – no matter their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ability or any other characteristic. Our diversity enriches us – we can achieve more when we enable every person to make their unique contribution to our communal life.



We are committed to Israel as a collective project of the Jewish people – to build a Jewish and Democratic state which stands as an ohr l’goyim (a light to the nations) and a safe haven for Jews facing persecution. Together, we stand with those Israeli citizens and organisations pursuing democracy, religious freedom and human rights for all within Israel’s borders. We will do all we can to bring about the day when Israelis and Palestinians both have secure states, able to live side-by-side with dignity and peace.


Strengthening Jewish life in the UK

Every Jewish person should have the opportunity to lead a full and fulfilling Jewish life in this country. We ensure our members have access to meaningful ways to engage at every stage of their journey through life. Innovation is welcomed to find new ways to inspire, especially to strengthen the Jewish identity of our young members as the future of British Reform Judaism. We enable our communities and members to respond to the changing realities of Jewish life in the UK – dealing with challenges and threats they may face. We welcome unaffiliated Jews, or those disillusioned with their connection to Jewish life, to find Jewish life which is authentic to them in our communities.

Our Partners

Reform Judaism in Britain today consists of 43 communities with more than 35,000 men, women and children (approximately 20% of UK synagogue affiliations).

The Movement is a constituent of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and the European Union for Progressive Judaism. We work closely with Liberal Judaism as a fellow member of these unions.

Headquartered in Jerusalem, the WUPJ represents the largest body of Jews in the world who seek a traditional yet contemporary expression of their Jewish spiritual, cultural and religious identity, serving 1,200 congregations with 1.8 million members in more than 50 countries.

The EUPJ is the umbrella organisation linking and supporting more than 170 Liberal, Progressive and Reform communities in 17 countries, with new communities regularly seeking membership.

We are a major supporter of Leo Baeck College where our rabbis and educators are trained.

The Assembly of Reform Rabbis and Cantors UK is the professional body that links all Reform clergy and the Reform Beit Din deals with all matters requiring the religious court, status issues, conversion to Judaism, marriage, and divorce.

The Jewish Joint Burial Society provides funerals and burial arrangements for our members.

Akiva School is under the auspices of the Reform and Liberal Movements and Clore Tikva Primary School and Clore Shalom School are under Reform, Liberal and Masorti auspices. The Movement sponsors the RSY-Netzer youth movement and supports JCoSS: the Jewish Community Secondary School.

Our work is supported by the UJIA.

Our Communities

There are 42 Reform communities in England, Scotland and Wales. Click here to locate your nearest Reform synagogue.

Our Relationship With Israel

  • We are unequivocally Zionist.  We have a non-negotiable commitment to the State of Israel and its security.  We believe that the pursuit of peace is the highest ideal and priority.  We are deeply committed to democracy; human rights and social justice; and religious pluralism.
  • We are committed to two viable states as the only just and realistic solution to the present situation.
  • We believe that Israel should be a Jewish state and a state for all its citizens.
  • We believe that exponents of moderate, liberal Judaism should ally with moderate, liberal secularists and work together to combat both religious and secular extremism.

Reform Judaism supports organisations dedicated to building bridges – both between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs and between Israeli Jews and Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza.

All we can do is to support the people of goodwill, those dedicated to relief of suffering and those dedicated to building relationships of trust across the divide. Whilst much is outside our hands, small gestures of caring and support are always possible.

Find out more about our relationship with Israel and organisations we support

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