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A triple celebration as Bradford Synagogue turns 150


Bradford Synagogue celebrated a triple mazeltov to coincide with Chanukah. It marked the 150th anniversary of its founding by Rabbi Joseph Strauss, Marjorie Black a long-standing friend of the community was presented with her BEM for services to policing and animal charity, and they also held their annual Interfaith and Civic Service.

Suzie Cree the Chair of Trustees said: “Bradford synagogue has many supporters from the diverse religious and secular communities which make us such a vibrant City and without whose support we would likely have closed.

“Our doors are open to hosting visits from interfaith and school groups. We host historical tours of the building along with Jewish history tours.”

Rabbi Dr Douglas Charing has been Bradford’s visiting Rabbi for the past 27 years. He said: “The Bradford Synagogue could never boast large numbers and though at times its future was uncertain it again flourishes., It’s small in size but big on spirituality.

“Bradford reminds me of 1st Century synagogues where gentiles were welcome and attended Jewish services. We have continued that tradition where people of various faiths and none have joined us in worship.

“I’m not a prophet nor the son of a prophet but I believe there will still be a Jewish house of prayer in Bradford for many years to come.”

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