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A project for developing a new creative liturgy for Shavuot

“Becoming (ever more) Jewish – Why I identify as a Jew – What Judaism means to me?”

Hava Fleming of Newcastle Reform Synagogue appeals for written contributions to a creative celebration of ‘Becoming Jewish’ for use at the festival of Shavuot.

Hava says: “In one sense, we are all becoming Jewish day by day and year by year, through our contributions to the tribe, to our local community and to mankind in general.

“Please think about sharing any heart-felt words you may have read or written, a song, piece of music or a visual image, which could enhance the spirit of the festival, when we traditionally stand (again) at Mt Sinai and affirm Ruth’s words. It does not matter if you think your idea is obvious; just send it in anyway, as a word doc, pdf, something scanned from a book, or a web or Youtube link. A few words about what your quoted piece means to you is also entirely appropriate and welcome, but not essential”.

Please send contributions to Hava at:  The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2018.

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