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A musical summer with JMI and Reform Judaism

Jewish Music Institute events summer 2019Shirei Chagigah, Reform Judaism’s biennial music conference takes place next month. But this celebration of singing, community and spirituality isn’t the only chance to connect with Jewish music this summer.

Jennifer Jankel has chaired the Jewish Music Institute (JMI) since 2011. Jennifer is a founder member of North West Surrey Synagogue and has been involved in Reform Judaism all her life. Her new passion is to make Jewish music more accessible to all synagogues of any denomination.

The JMI runs exciting and stimulating summer school programmes from 18-23 August and thanks to JMI’s media partner The Jewish Chronicle, Reform synagogue members can take advantage of a 10% discount. Just apply the coupon code ‘JC2019’ at checkout when booking online.

Ot Azoy is JMI’s famous full immersion courses in Yiddish language, song and culture for people of all ages, levels and backgrounds, where even complete beginners learn to speak, read, write, sing and even dream in Yiddish in a week.

Ot Azoy Yiddish language classes are held at 5 levels, and is directed by the head of Yiddish at UCL, Dr Khayele Beer with a faculty of world class Yiddish tutors and experts. As well as hands-on classroom teaching, it also features an extensive cultural programme of music, theatre, poetry and lectures from a world of Yiddish past and present. Shura Lipovsky, the outstanding Director of The Golden Peacock (Goldene Pave), will also teach a daily session of Yiddish through song.

Find out more and book your place here.

Golden Peacock Yiddish Song School takes place in the heart of London at SOAS.

The Golden Peacock course is led by internationally acclaimed Yiddish singer and teacher Shura Lipovsky with esteemed colleagues from around the world. It is designed for all singers who wish to deepen their knowledge of the rich Yiddish song repertoire.

You will spend the morning studying music theory, repertoire, roots and traditions of Yiddish Song, modes and melodies. While afternoons will focus on studying further repertoire, master-classes and a Yiddish Choir. You will be amazed at how much you will be learning, singing and performing Yiddish song in only one week!

Find out more and book your place here.

The world famous Klezfest klezmer summer school is back in 2019. It is an opportunity to learn about traditional klezmer, its history, melodies, ornamentation, dance and accompaniment;to play music in ensembles and delve into improvisational techniques; to interpret scores, jam and perform to the public; experience lectures from the cutting edge of academic research and hands-on tutoring from world leading experts.

The international faculty will feature some of the very best klezmer musicians from around the world.

Find out more and book your place here.

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