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A celebration of forty-five years of female clergy

A photograph of 13 attendees attending a party in honour of Rabbi Dr Jackie Tabick

Female clergy members came together for a celebration of 45 years of female rabbis in British Reform Judaism.

Current female rabbis and cantors came together for a party to celebrate 45 years since Rabbi Dr Jackie Tabick was ordained as Britain’s first female rabbi and the ongoing contribution of female clergy members to Judaism today. Whilst it has been only 45 years since Rabbi Tabick became Britain’s first female rabbi, today more than half of the Reform synagogues with a rabbi employ at least one female rabbi and there are twenty-two female clergy in total in Reform Judaism in the UK.

Laura Janner-Klausner, the Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism, said: “Jackie Tabick led the way and showed us all that it was possible to become a rabbi and a leader in our community as a woman. Getting to celebrate that fact with many of the amazing women who followed in her footsteps is inspirational.”

Jackie Tabick reflected on how things have changed since she was ordained: “In 1975 I was a bit of an oddity, and felt very alone!  How different it is today to have so many creative, thoughtful, intelligent, caring and knowledgeable female colleagues who are now a largely accepted face of Progressive Judaism around the world. It was wonderful to celebrate with them.”

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