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Reform Judaism is the national umbrella organisation of 41 autonomous synagogue communities.


Discover more about our communities around the country, and find your nearest Reform synagogue.


Information for communities and resources for Jewish life including conversion and life cycle events. 

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15Sep 19

Elul Thoughts: Day 12

Rabbi Andrea Zanardo suggests that in the Rabbinic interpretation, the destruction of the Temple, the end of the most intimate relation between God and the human beings, happened twice as a punishment for not keeping the Sabbatical Year. During the Sabbatical Year agricultural lands are to lie fallow. The commandment is a powerful exhortation against over-exploitation of natural resources, and it reminds us that human beings, and especially Jews, are keepers of nature, not its masters, neither unconditional owners of the Earth's bounties. Talmud Bavli, Arakhin 11b When the Temple was destroyed for the first time, that day was the…

13Sep 19

Elul Thoughts: Day 11

It is almost inconceivable that a poem could be written by a committee. This one was - for the tenth anniversary of the Earth Charter in 2010. The Preamble and Way forward of the Charter (also written by a committee!) give a strong but hopeful view of the current situation and what we must do . The poem reminds us, in this period of teshuvah, that we must begin with ourselves. It Starts with One It starts with one universe With one awakening, one choice With one person who cares With one teacher, one neighbour With one dialogue, one collaboration,…

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