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Reform Judaism is the national umbrella organisation of 41 autonomous synagogue communities.


Discover more about our communities around the country, and find your nearest Reform synagogue.


Information for communities and resources for Jewish life including conversion and life cycle events. 

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19Sep 19

Elul Thoughts: Day 16

We introduce this poem of Dannie Abse (1923-2004), suggested by Rabbi Howard Cooper, to reinforce yesterday’s emphasis upon consciousness, paying attention and listening. It repays repeated readings, noting the punctuation.   Mysteries At night, I do not know who I am when I dream, when I’m sleeping. Awakened, I hold my breath and listen: a thumbnail scratches the other side of the wall. At midday, I enter a sunlit room to observe the lamplight on for no reason. I should know by now that few octaves can be heard, that a vision dies by being too long stared at; that…

18Sep 19

RSY-Netzer’s Summer of 5779

This summer, 12 RSY-Netzer madrichim (leaders) took 262 chanichim (participants) on Israel Tour. Our 6 Israel Tour groups had the most incredible summers of their lives, travelling around Israel, learning all about RSY-Netzer and creating unforgettable memories. The great success of Israel Tour this year is in large part due to our incredible madrichim, who channelled all of their energy and care into ensuring that each and every chanich/a thrived. Meanwhile, back in the UK, 120 madrichim led 284 chanichim across 5 Shemesh summer camps. Shemesh camps this year involved more site activities, active time and general kef (fun) than…

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