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Young Adults


Young Adults

The Movement for Reform Judaism recognises that young adults - often defined as those between the ages of 18 and 35 - engage with Jewish life in a variety of different ways. Some of these ways of engaging involve synagogues and participation in synagogue life. For others, their engagement with Jews and all things Jewish may not be so familiar.

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Jeneration works in two ways, providing intense, challenging opportunities for people to get together, learn, pray and travel. Jeneration also seeks out and works with young Jews to support them in creating new initiatives.

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High Holy Day Tickets

An important piece of outreach work is the annual High Holy Day free pass scheme. The scheme, which is unique to the Movement for Reform Judaism, is an opportunity for young adults to attend services, as well as an opportunity for the shuls involved to showcase themselves and seek further engagement. Over 300 students and young adults benefit from the scheme every year.

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Many of our communities offer programming for young adults including parallel and alternative services, Friday night dinners and social events. Visit our synagogue listings to find out more about communities near you.

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