Jeneration works in two ways, providing intense, challenging opportunities for people to get together, learn, pray and travel. Jeneration also seeks out and works with young Jews to support them in creating new initiatives.

Our Jeneration Fieldworker, Maya Skaarbrevik, works with Reform and Progressively minded Jewish students, to meet and socialise, pray and learn. In addition, Jeneration works with JSocs to add value to student provision in universities across the country. Jeneration provides them with support and inspiration to make this happen.

Free High Holy Day tickets

The High Holy Day ticket scheme is a joint project between us and Reform synagogues who want to make it possible for as many students and young adults to attend High Holy Day services as possible. Synagogues give out these tickets because they recognise that many people in the 18-27 age group are not members of any synagogue but believe that this shouldn’t stop someone attending services.

Visit the Jeneration website to apply for your free High Holy Day ticket