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Statement on the ongoing violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

A statement from Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism.

As British Jews, the senseless violence we have witnessed across the last week might feel depressingly familiar. But we cannot be silenced by the normality of violence in Israel. The situation is desperate. The past days, in which so many people have been killed, demand that leaders, both Israeli and Palestinian, reject all acts of violence, terror and hatred, and counter voices seeking vengeance.

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What is our Position on Israel?

  • We are unequivocally Zionist.  We have a non-negotiable commitment to the State of Israel and its security.  We believe that the pursuit of peace is the highest ideal and priority.  We are deeply committed to democracy; human rights and social justice; and religious pluralism.
  • We are committed to two viable states as the only just and realistic solution to the present situation.
  • We believe that Israel should be a Jewish state and a state for all its citizens.
  • We believe that exponents of moderate, liberal Judaism should ally with moderate, liberal secularists and work together to combat both religious and secular extremism.

Support and Engagement

The Movement supports organisations dedicated to building bridges - both between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs and between Israeli Jews and Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza.

All we can do is to support the people of goodwill, those dedicated to relief of suffering and those dedicated to building relationships of trust across the divide. Whilst much is outside our hands, small gestures of caring and support are always possible.

Please follow up on the work of the organisations listed in this section in the way that most resonates with you. And if there is no organisation here that does the trick for you, contact us and we will try to find an organisation that meets your needs and expresses your ideals.



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