To donate a single gift online or to arrange a monthly direct debit in order to support the work of Reform Judaism, please visit our Just Giving page

Your gift enables us to carry out our work ensuring Reform Judaism is represented in the Jewish and wider community; supporting the work of all our communities; providing fun and meaningful activities for our youth and students; enabling those wishing to convert through our Beit Din giving financial assistance to those families unable to afford our activities.

We understand that the first priority when making your will is to your loved ones, yet, you also have a wonderful opportunity to leave than a gift to help support a brighter Jewish future for our community. Your legacy will directly benefit our members whether it be our young people; the leadership of our synagogues; students on campus or those that come to our Beit Din.

Your legacy can change lives of so many people whether it be contributing to bursaries to help ensure, for example, that every child who wishes to can attend a summer camp or go on an educational Israel Tour; help support those wishing to convert and join our community or perhaps enable Reform Judaism to be represented in the Jewish and wider community. In addition, your legacy will give us resources to engage more and more people to the wonders of their Jewish heritage.

For more information on leaving a legacy in your will, please contact Daniel Raphael, Head of Fundraising by email or call 020 8349 5686.

We are a partner of Jewish Legacy, a cross-communal initiative established to promote legacy giving in the UK Jewish community. If you would like more information on them or the campaign you can visit their website.

Become A Patron

Becoming a Patron of the Reform Movement is a far-sighted way of making a meaningful personal contribution to our work. By making a commitment of at least £5000 for three years you will directly influence our future. From backing Jeneration and RSY-Netzer, to educating the next generation of rabbis and strengthening our relationships with other faiths, with your help, we can not only secure our own future, but make a positive contribution to the society in which we live.