Chagigah 2018

Chagigah is our biennial celebration of Reform Judaism. Chagigah means just that: a celebration. It reflects the special atmosphere we will create over a weekend away, celebrating Reform Judaism and being part of something bigger. The next Chagigah will take place in 2018 over the weekend of 22-24 June.

At Chagigah 2016 Reform Judaism launched three initiatives as part of our commitment to strengthening communities and inspiring our members. Through your involvement in this journey you have the opportunity to be part of transforming your community.

Here is a short film introducing Chagigah 2016 and our Strengthening Communities Initiatives

The Strengthening Communities initiatives are:

These initiatives are designed to benefit all communities, regardless of their size and geography. We will partner with you after Chagigah to continue their implementation and development within your community.

For more information about Chagigah 2018 please email