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Reform Judaism is the national umbrella organisation of 42 autonomous synagogue communities.


Discover more about our communities around the country, and find your nearest Reform synagogue.


Inspiring educational materials, information for communities and resources for Jewish life including conversion and life cycle events. 

Enabling the growth of a vibrant Reform Judaism, inspiring individuals and communities with Reform Jewish values and traditions

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27 Sep 16

Elul Thoughts from Rabbi Irit Shillor

[In the story of the exodus from slavery, which we read year after year] we [find] empathy with the other and as a result solidarity with the other. These feelings exist in people to different degrees, but they can become stronger depending on the experiences of an individual, a group or a people. It seems obvious that people have empathy mostly with their own group, however they define this group. The real problem is the relationship to the “other”, the one who does not belong to “our” group. People are afraid of the other and distance themselves from the other,…

26 Sep 16

Elul Thoughts from Rabbi Charles Middleburgh

In one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, known as the Community Rule, there is a wonderful blessing which has found its way into the siddurim of both Progressive movements:  modelled on the Priestly Blessing of Numbers 6 it states: May God bless you with all good, and keep you from all evil.  May God teach your heart the meaning of life, and grant you knowledge of the Infinite.  May God reach out to you in tenderness, that you may have enduring peace. That is lovely, and lyrical and moving.  But immediately afterwards we find its reverse. It states: May you…

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