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Reform Judaism is the national umbrella organisation of 42 autonomous synagogue communities.


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Enabling the growth of a vibrant Reform Judaism, inspiring individuals and communities with Reform Jewish values and traditions

Latest News

17 Feb 17

Radlett’s Big Friday Night In

Radlett Reform Synagogue are holding an innovative "Big Friday Night In" on Friday 24 February. Instead of the usual synagogue service, the community has planned interactive resources and activities reaching out to all members including those who live further away. Rabbi Paul Freedman said: "The idea for our 'Big Friday Night In' came from work our Board members were doing on our Community Vision. We recognise that it can be quite difficult for some of our members to come to synagogue on a Friday night, either because of the distances and traffic involved or fitting it around family or dinner.…

17 Feb 17

Reform Judaism in 1000 Words: Kabbalah

Click here to download a pdf of Reform Judaism in 1000 Words: Kabbalah Context In earlier generations of Reform Judaism, Talmud was rarely studied. In our time, it is regularly taught in our synagogues, and is a fundamental aspect of rabbinic training. We came to understand that all of our texts are part of our rich literary inheritance, and all can be a source of inspiration and meaning if we develop the skills to access them. The last few years have seen a similar increase in interest in Kabbalah, which now finds itself firmly within the mainstream of Jewish culture…

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