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Reform Judaism is the national umbrella organisation of 41 autonomous synagogue communities.


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17Nov 17

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner: Muslims and Jews should be treated as equals

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner wrote to The Times on anti-Muslim crime: Dear sir, Dr Omar Kahn, Director of the Runnymede Trust, defines Islamophobia as "anti-Muslim racism". The next step is to agree on a clear definition of Islamophobia, one to be adopted by the government on a par with antisemitism. This should be accompanied by a dedicated budget to tackle the increasing problem of crimes committed against Muslims. Muslims and Jews should be treated as equals in both policy and investment.

17Nov 17

Dr Martin Luther King’s anniversary Congregation in Newcastle

Fifty years ago, on November 13th 1967, the degree of Honorary Doctor of Law was awarded to Martin Luther King by Newcastle University. On the same day, fifty years later, a commemorative congregation was held where four people sharing his ideals, had honorary degrees conferred upon them as Brenda Dinsdale, Reform Judaism Board member and Honorary Life President of Newcastle Reform Synagogue explains It was a great honour and privilege to be among the attendees at this ceremony, representing our community. Five days before this event, I had returned from a visit to South Africa. I had visited the Capture…

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